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January clear out - 50% off everything

Eeeeeeeeeee it's January and everyone's skint. You've spent the last month, buying loads of crap no one needs for people you don't even like and drinking yourself blue in consolation. Nice one.

If that wasn't enough, every shit house shop on the high street is now trying to convince you to part with even more bank digits, for stuff you won't need until next year.

That's where our 50% sale comes in. You need to buy our records and we know you do, we feel awful sorry for you that your need is so overbearing. We can help. You see we need to sell records too, otherwise there wouldn't be any money to make other records. That's why we're offering all our records and small distro stock at cost price throughout January.

You get loads of great new records at a cheap price and we get to go on pressing loads more great new records, throughout 2014.

Sound any good? Give it a go, discount comes off at the till.

Posted on January 3rd, 2014
New distro stock

Recently got time to get out and about to do a spot of trading. Due to the costs of the store we had to remove a lot of the distro stock to save money, so we'll now just be posting a list of the latest stuff in this section now. We'll keep it pretty updated so if you see something you like on here there's a very good chance it's in stock. To order just email us at theaudaciousartexperiment AT gmail DOT COM or simply via the contact sheet on this website.

Happy Shoplifting!

***NEW ITEMS*** (Postage not included)

Hookworms - Pearl Mystic LP (Gringo) - £10

Sauna Youth - Dreamlands LP (Gringo) - £10

Grey Hairs EP - 7" (Gringo) - £4

Ultimate Thrush EP - 7" (Winning Sperm Party) - £4

Dylan Nyoukis - Carrion Hunt LP (Singing Knives) - £10

Rivals - Demo Cassette - £3

Love Hurts - Piss Stories - Cassette £3

Lows and The Highs Records - LOTS OF CASSETTES - Email for info/price

Winning Sperm Party - LOTS OF CASSETTES - Email for info/price

As well as these we also have a shit tonne of other stuff available at our Space HQ, which you can visit during gigs and open days detailed here



Posted on May 22nd, 2013
You are full of junk sale. We're 10 so have 50% off!

You'd butter believe it. 2013 is officially our 10th birthday, so we're starting off the year by giving you a buzzing 50% off everything in our web store for a limited number of weeks. Just fill up your basket and it'll take it off at the end.

By doing so you'll make us able to put out all the records we have lined up this year and hopefully keep going for another 10 years to come.

Happy shoplifting!

Posted on January 18th, 2013
Distro restocked and free Audacious record with every order!

It's been a busy autumn for us so far, especially with our record fair gig last weekend and the rising amount of orders creeping our way. Feels ace to be distributing records again, like the glory days of '04 - 05' when Luke had his record shop in Grimsby.

This month we've got a few treats in store for you. Added a bunch of stuff from the glorious Gringo Records of Nottingham, as well as a few bits and bobs from the Sheffield Scene past and present. There'll also be a huge selection of cassettes and CDRs from 'The Lows and The Highs Records' in a week or so, so sit tight for that lot. Just click 'Latest Arrivals' to see what we've got.

As a special little treat too, we're offering a free Audacious record of your choice with every order, excluding the Nope record. We're not that generous! All you have to do is order what you want as normal, then email back with which Audacious release you'd like, once your order receive confirmation. Daft easy.

Happy shopping and thanks for supporting DIY music.


Posted on October 30th, 2012
New distro records and 20% off September

We've finally got round to adding some new items to our webstore distro section. You can see all this by clicking the new 'Latest Arrivals' section, you can also browse each section separately by format. The update is mostly bands that have passed through our space in recent months for gigs, such as Dignan Porch, Thee Ludds, Sex Hands and much more.

We've also decided to give 20% off ANYTHING in the store throughout September, cos we're nice like that. It'll just fly off your total at the end of your checkout.

Sound. Sound. Sound.

Posted on September 6th, 2012