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Championlover - Makeout - 12" AUD 25

Formed in summer 2011, Championlover unite repetitive urban affected rhythms with dub processed noisescapes. Makeout is their first full length album, the culmination of a slew of exclusive releases and wild live recordings. Like their previous work, it’s a live, partially improvised sonic-journey, buzzing with premium vibes. It’s got a sound like no other – one that can perhaps only be quantified in ridiculous hyperbole.

They describe themselves as a ‘KRAUTDUBFUNKPUNKNOISE ‘ outfit, and a psychedelic no-world package holiday. Makeout itself sounds like the soundtrack to a spaced out journey through the sahara. A sonic philosophers stone, containing much more than the sum of its parts, the album displays elements of world, kraut, dub, punk-funk and disco-not-disco in an original and striking way, smearing the whole thing in some post-industrial sludge and grit. Ghostly vocals, saxophone and guitar drift over double drums and jagged bass and keyboard lines. On top of this, the band have managed to fully translate their unstoppable live experience to the record – it’s brimming with energy and atmosphere.

Prior to 2011, The Audacious Art Experiment was already well acquainted with the lovers – the band features members of the fantastic former hardcore act Trinity, and Gnod contemporaries A Middle Sex (Blackest Rainbow, TAAE). After seeing them bend the minds of a packed out, smoke filled Audacious space at Tramlines, and the 2012 tour with Blood Sport, The Audacious Art Experiment has been keeping a careful peeper on the unit. After several incredible EPs, we were sent a mysterious lip-stick covered package with the record sealed inside.

That very record will be released through The Audacious Art Experiment on the 29th of November.


1. Mask of bees part 1
2. Future friends
3. Streetwalker
4. Time to can
5. Blackpool conga eel
6. Mask of bees part 2
7. Wardad
8. Sky prince
9. Going for gold

For fans of:
Mulatu Astatke, Melt Yourself Down, This Heat, Factory Floor, Moving Units, Studio, DFA, The Heliocentrics, Talking Heads and Roxy Music.

Pressing Information

250 copies pressed on black vinyl.
Released on 29th November 2013